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Catalan: lluer dels Andes
Czech: Cížek andský, čížek andský
Danish: Andessisken
German: Andenzeisig
English: Andean Siskin
Spanish: Jilguero Andino, Jilguero triguerito, Pinero Andino
Spanish (Colombia): Jilguero Andino
Spanish (Spain): Jilguero Andino
Spanish (Venezuela): Jilguero Andino, Jilguero triguerito
Estonian: paramosiisike
Finnish: Andienvihervarpunen
French: Chardonneret des Andes, Tarin andin, Tarin des Andes
Hungarian: andoki csíz
Italian: Lucarino delle Ande, Lucherino delle Ande
Japanese: andesuhiwa
Japanese: アンデスヒワ
Latin: Carduelis spinescens, Spinus spinescens, Sporagra spinescens
Lithuanian: Andinis alksninukas
Dutch: Andessijs
Norwegian: Paramosisik
Polish: czyz andyjski, czyż andyjski
Portuguese: Pintassilgo-andino
Russian: Андский чиж
Slovak: stehlík andský
Swedish: Andinsk siska, páramosiska
Turkish: And İsketesı
Chinese: 安第斯金翅雀
Chinese (Traditional): 南美金翅雀

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